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Google+ imitates Instagram

Everyone knows that Facebook bought Instagram and since then Google has been interested on introduces in the photographic sector. Time ago buy Snapseed, Instagram rival. The Almighty wants to turn its social network Google+ a reference, with millions of followers. Aware of the success of Instagram, Google has included in its social network the possibility of retouching photos and basic filters as part of service to their users. Therefore, a new update has been included to address their main enemy, facebook, wich already has incorporated Instagram on social-network.

google+ snapseed
google+ snapseed

This new update is available for iOS and Android, you can do all sorts of photos and retouch them with filters that make it more attractive to use. Among the new features, users can rotate and crop images, change the saturation, contrast, brightness, and add filters to photos similar to the popular Instagram.

Inside Google+ integration, users can browse through online photo albums and making navigation more fluid and able to share the location of a user with the circles they want. Also display more text entries in the comments, and messages that are displayed +1, and also comments.

War is served, but there is no doubt that both facebook, with over 1,000 million usersInstagram, with over 100 million users … are still far from being achieved by these who claim to be their competitors.

Created a movie with instagram photos

Yes, you read that right, have just created the first film with Instagram photos.

It has appeared in The Toronto Silent Film Festival, in Canada. It is a famous film festival, which showcases the best silent films.

We can see the film at this link.

Taking advantage of this festival, a famous Canadian advertising agency, Cossete has performed this experiment in order to show the younger silent films. Using the app Instagram and its “vintage filters” has been able to generate small short films following the same techniques of early cinema, the achievement of still images that followed them all generates movement.

The agency Cossete, try and make a difference in the competitive advertising industry, away from the ordinary and focusing on genuine ideas. It was used for the purpose of retouching app Instagram mobile phone, have achieved a film ‘pre’ made with the most modern and almost zero cost.

If you prefer, you can see these three movies in the following instagram profiles:

@ TSFF_1

@ TSFF_2

@ TSFF_3

Recommended view these profiles from the mobile application and the photos in slideshow format, covering all profile photos quickly, to appreciate the movement generating the silent film.

What do you think about this idea?

The half of instagram users use Android

Instagram  was born as an iPhone app. More or less a year ago Instagram launched its Android application, which meant the universalization of the social network for a majority of smartphone users. Success was immediate, as currently there are more android users in different brands of smart phones, than iPhones, so they got a million downloads in a single day. Today, a year later, 50% of Android users use Instagram photo sharing network.

And all this despite the various controversies that have happened since then:

However Instagram has steadily gaining users, surpassing the 100 million users, for its ease of use and above all, because the filters are made ​​possible to obtain very good results in your photographs for those don´t know much about photography, and at the same time generate of community and social sharing. That´s why has become a social network with millions of users.

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Manos Unidas launches the first solidarity filter on instagram

Today we have a solidaririty new in instagram world, Manos Unidas launches # FoodShareFilter, the first photographic instagram filter for solidarity. # FoodShareFilter is a new tool to fight hunger from social networks.

filter-foodsharefilter-manos unidas
filter-foodsharefilter-manos unidas

Under the slogan “If you share your food, share it truthly,” Manos Unidas invites you to cooperate with them. Thus, # FoodShareFilter allow thousands of users to convert common Instagram gesture to share pictures of food in a gesture of solidarity to help the hungry.

In the developed world hear about starvation is seen as remote, documentary stuff, but non-overwhelm anyone, according to recent data from the FAO, 870 million people go hungry in the world. Gorging especially in weaker children. Every year, malnutrition kills 2.6 million children under five.

The initiative, part of Manos Unidas has been developed by the agency DDB Spain, is aimed at users of digital technologies. The download of the app has a cost of 0.89 €. The funds raised will go towards development projects supported by Manos Unidas Southern countries.

How does it work?

Download on Apple Store or Google Play foodsharefilter application or enters en
Take a photo of your food or choose it from your library and apply the filter.

Share your meal on Instagram and help us spread the word.

Instagram allow face-tagging in your pictures

Finally, Instagram is getting the Facebook-like ability to tag people in photos, actually attaching a username to a face.  Just install the latest version — Instagram for iOS version 3.5  or Instagram for Android version 3.5.

New version Is for both adding other people’s usernames to your own photos and also get to see pics people are tagging you in. As facebook do, When someone tags you in a photo, you’ll get a notification and the picture will automatically show up in your “Photos of You” section inside Instagram.

The company released this little commercial video.

Step by step Instagram is geting the facebook soul….for make money!

How photographers are making money on Instagram

I´ve read an interesting article about making money from instagram.

From the begining some early Igers are using their huge amo0unt of followers to make maney.

The enterprises use Instagram as a promotional tool…and Igers can shoutout their brands…very quickly through ther thousand of followers.


You can read this good article to know more about making money on instagram.


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